Get to know me

Programmer, long-time Linux enthusiast and IT consultant.

I may be young, but I already have 8 years of experience running, setting up and using GNU/Linux as a daily driver. I succesfully converted workflows of dozens to Open Source Software. I mostly use current version of Ubuntu both on my laptop, desktop and smartphone and servers. I do experiment with other distributions occasionaly, and have used Fedora, OpenSuSE, ArchLinux and Debian in the past. What can I do with Linux? Whatever you can do in Windows and/or OS X.

Things I Can Do

Apart from being an avid GNU/Linux user, I dabble in great many things

  • Code in java, c++ and python
  • Build your system from scratch
  • Write good documentation
  • Work all night
  • Help you with brainstorming
  • Set up proper networks

My personal code of practice

I make computers do the hard and menial work for you in a transparent and ethical way.

Do one job and do it well.

I believe in making product and solutions, that solve your problems one at a time. No use having overpowered Intel Core i7, if a simple low-cost low-powered Rapsberry Pi can do the same work.

Building solutions using open-source software.

GNU/Linux is a versatile and open tool. Thousands of developers worldwide contribute to Linux kernel, making it the bleading edge of software technology.

Never compromise your moral principles.

Hardware and software should serve humanity. I will never create anything, that is used to spy on people, oppress minorities nor harm it's users. Software should not spy on it's users and users should be warned not to sell their human rights for a slight convenience. Users should be allowed to inspect and change programs running on their hardware.

Contact Me

You can contact me using e-mail directly on or via this e-mail form..