African Sharptooth Catfish on a cauliflower puree

African Sharptooth Catfish


At first, since the catfish can have quite a strong fishy smell, put it in a bath of milk for at least 30 minutes. During that time, you can prepare your salad. The salad is a two-part affair. The fresh part consists of lettuce and cherry tomatoes split in four. Put the lettuce and tomatoes to a medium sized bowl and prepare a pan for the rest. Warm up the pan with a splash of olive oil. In the meantime, chop the shallots, bell pepper, zucchini and cucumber. Throw them in the pan and sprinkle with seasoning. I sometimes add a pinch of ginger, for a bit of zestiness. Saute the veggies, until they get soft, turn off the heat and sprinkle them with few drops from the lemon. When cooled off enough (so they don't make the lettuce wilt), mix them up with the fresh salad.


Cut the cauliflower into medium-sized bits and cook it in salty water. When soft, blend it with butter, until it's a smooth paste.


Simplicity is your friend, especially when it comes to fish. Don't overcomplicate it, catfish tastes nice on it's own. To make the fish really sing, add thyme and rosemary to your seasoning and massage it into the flesh of the fish. Heat up olive oil, or butter on the grill or grilling pan. Wait until it's searing hot and put the fish skin-side down on the pan. Let it cook for a few minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillet, under the cover of the lid. When the fish it about 2/3 of the way cooked, turn it over, blast it for half a minute and shut off the flame. Let the fish finish cook on the residual warmth of the pan.


Serve the fish on the puree, with the side of the salad.