B-Team Review

I won't beat around the bushes, B-Team is (technically) one of the best games on the Oculus Go platform right now. It's cheesily funny, has varied gameplay and suprisingly polished. The pricetag of €7.99 may seem a bit high, for a mobile VR game, but it is very often on sale and is part of few packs in the Oculus Store. What more, it will last you at least few hours and when you finish it, you can prolongue your gameplay by playing the endless modes of running levels, or wave shooters. Let's get started!

B-Team start screen!


The visual and audio presentation of the game is top notch. Being developed by a veteran VR studio sure helps, but the graphics is not all. The design of the creatures is nice and funky, weapons are good enough, considering there is no haptic feedback and if you like cliché scripts of 80s and 90s action movies, you'll love this game. There could be more diversity in stages, but those included are well defined and offer enough eye-candy. The only sore spot I can find in it's presentation is that it does not support the 72Hz mode of the Oculus Go, however I would not have noticed it myself and had to check online. This may be caused by the fact that it is originally a GearVR game (although it only runs on Galaxy S7 and newer, sorry S6 users) and may be a bit of an lazy port. However, I have not found any bug nor glitch in my complete playthrough, which I must admit is quite admirable. With presentation out of the way, let's look at the meat of the game, the gameplay.

Level selection is quite nicely done


The main objective of the game is to gather all the abducted generals and to kick some alien asses. For this noble quest, you have a team of four specialists, each with their individual skills and weapons, from which you can (almost) always pick and choose at will. Some enemies and obstacles require you to use a specific team member, but most can be evaded/killed by any of them. The gameplay consists of three level types. Running, wave shooter and assault. Running stages are mostly about picking the appropriate team member for each obstacle and if you pay attention are easy enough to beat without breaking a sweat. The Leader, a tiny girl with a targeting computer is only ever used to take out waves of enemies by looking at each of them and calling an airstrike. The Engineer, a big guy with a bandana, has booster rockets and can jump and hover over obstacles such as lakes. The Muscle, a scared old guy stuck in a cyborgs body punches through tough enemies and some walls. Last but not least, is the Ranger. This guy can dodge and jump through lasers, take out unsuspecting enemies with sneak attack and avoid spikes.

Running level in the arctic stage

The next type are wave shooter level. In these ones you kill wave after wave, while each member of your team carries a unique weapon. Most of the enemies can be killed by anyone, although some of them require specific weapon. The Leader is pretty much useless in this stage, because her peashooter is the worst weapon in the game.

The Leader's SMG

The Engineer has a cool proton pack look-alike, that kills most enemies pretty quickly and is great for picking up extra points and collectibles. It sucks at long distances, but it is versatile in destroying incoming rockets, killing otherwise unkillable enemies and holding back tough alien tanks while the rocket launcher is reloading. One drawback of this weapon is that it overheats pretty quickly and takes long to cool off.

The Engineers's Proton pack

Tanks and other gigantic enemies can only really be dealt with a proper rocket launcher. This weapon is carried by the Muscle and it very worth it's name. It has a nice splash damage, that can easily kill off several enemies stading in close proximity. What's best, it is guided. That feature is necessary to kill enemies in later stages of the game, that will, if left to their own devices, set up unpenetrable force fields. I only wish the explosions caused by this bad boy were more spectacular.

The Muscle's Rocket launcher

I left my favorite weapon for the last. There is no better feeling in this game than to execute a bunch of enemies, each with a single shot to the head. It kills most of the regular-sized oponents in one shot and it is necessary to deal with far away enemy snipers.

The Rangers' Sniper rifle

Plan of assault The third level type is the assault. It is a bunch of minigames, some that are pretty tough to do in time, others that you are unable to fail. A few of the minigames are not explained enough, such as one of the first, in which you have to quickly wave your hand as if you were throwing the line off the fishing rod. Another pain in the ass segment is when you have to stick a key into several locks and wiggle quickly in order to open some gate. At the end of every assault, you free a general by winning a cups and ball game of increasing difficulty. Even the last one is quite easy to do on first try though. To be honest, I sometimes found the assaults kinda stressful and unpleasant, with a few exceptions here and there. One of the minigames


This game has provided me with a few hours of 80s inspired fun and I am really grateful for it. It is charming, but not without its problems. There is not some replayability, as there are endless runner and endless wave shooter modes, but I already moved on to other games after finishing up all the regular levels. The game ends on a cliffhanger, but as you probable won't be paying attention to the "story", it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it is a really polished game with some kinda boring parts, but otherwise tons of shooty-killy fun. Don't be discouraged by a few negative feedbacks at the Oculus store. It may not be worth €7.99 to you, but you should definitely grab it if you see it at a discount.