Michal Kohutek

About us

I’m Michal Kohutek,
an eternal (currently postgraduate) CompSci student and this is my personal and tech-related blog. I’m an open source software and GNU/Linux
evangelist, tech and science enthusiast and overall quite a talkative guy. This web log of mine is here for me as a means to share my ideas, daily tech struggles, tips and tricks.
It’s intended goal is to be a small repository of less used knowledge so that I can trace back my steps in case of my eventual screw-ups. Eventually,
I would like to extend it to contain my experiences from various GNU/Linux-related tech conferences, meetups, etc. I am quite opinionated on
many topics, so there’s a decent chance I will post a view, that does not correspond to your world-view. If you want to have a constructive talk, feel
free to contact me via social media, email or carrier pidgeon. If you want to post hurtful, mean and otherwise stupid comments, please write them
down on a piece of parchment, sign and stick them up your arse.
About Me
I’m a CompSci student from Trencin, Slovakia, that has recently finished his Magister degree, Slavic equivalent of Master’s degree. Being an
eternal student, I am currently pursuing my doctorate at my Alma Mater in Nitra, Slovakia. I speak English quite well, French somewhat
and I can order a beer in a few other languages. As a passionate user of Ubuntu and converter of many source infidels, I attend
conferences, give talks and try to do my part in the good fight. Apart from my studies, this blog and itporadna.sk website, my friend and I are
starting an audiocast about audiocasts called PodCrawl. You can check it out here.


The physicist formerly known as Dugi

Physicist, computer scientist and an avid metalhead. Technological wackjob with a knack for breaking his GNU/Linux systems in the weirdest ways impossible