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Hardlight Blade Update

Last time I wrote about this game, it could hardly be called a game. It had a single stage, only one weapon and very little to do. Even so, it became one of my favourite games on VR, and the biggest timesink I found in a long while. There was hardly a day that I wouldn’t play a few rounds of Hardlight Blade, or let my nephews have some Jedi-style fun. In my review, I mentioned a wishlist of features I would love to see in the game. Honestly I did not dream of having most of my wishlist integrated within a few weeks. Oh boy, was I mistake. So let’s see what’s new in the game…

Hardlight Axe

I mentioned wishing for having an option of throwing the lightsaber like in Star Wars: Jedi Knight games and to have a bit more variety in weapons. RJdoesVR gave me both in a single weapon. Hardlight Axe similar in fighting style to the blade, albeit feels (and probably is) shorter in reach. It’s secondary attack, done by pressing the trigger, shoots out the axe head spinning towards your foes and allows you to guide it with your controller by holding the trigger, or to summon the axe back by releasing it. It’s a very different style of combat, that requires you to be on the move, as when your axe head is far away, you are very vulnerable to any incoming attack.

Hard Mode

Another great new feature is the hard level. It swarms you with very fast moving version of the basic enemies in a larger, more complicated stage. It also has a different music track, which haunts me to this very day. I don’t have much else to say about this level, because I prefer the skill curve of the “normal” level, but if you want challenge, it’s here for you.

“Beat Saber” Mode

Personally, I find this addition the coolest of the bunch. I have never played Beat Saber, but I’ve watched some streams and to me, it is one of the biggest sources of VR-envy towards Oculus Rift owners. Now, I can have something not quite there, but still very cool and catching in my little standalone headset. I still hope for the possible future port of Beat Saber to Oculus Santa Cruz, but in the meantime, I will try not to smash the controller to pieces after I fail to finish the “OMFG – Hello” on Hard difficulty for the hundredth time.
Apart from the preset songs, you can import your own, which I haven’t yet done, as most of my music consumption is on Spotify and I could not be bothered to look for an USB optical disc drive in order to rip some of my CDs to get it legally there.

Blind mode

Last and honestly the least exciting is the blind mode. It evokes the feeling of being Luke Skywalker in “A New Hope” getting shot by the training droid while wearing the welder’s helmet. Unfortunately, I cannot feel the Force and although the sound separation of Oculus Go headset is great and I can play this mode for a long time, I mostly get bored or frustrated and would rather play something else.


I love what the dev is doing and I wish somebody notices what he can do and gives him the proper funds to make a proper AAA VR game. Even so, in it’s current stage, Hardlight Blade is among the top games on Oculus Go and I am amazed, it’s still completely free to play. I can’t wait to see, what else RJdoesVR hides in his sleeve.

You can follow the developer on twitter @RJdoesVR.

You can get this awesome free game here

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